Exhibition opening IN CONTACT - drawing and movement - 2 October 2013

02. October 2013
Birgit Knoechl/ Anna Maringer/ Natascha Renner

Birgit Knoechl - Fuller’s Alptraum, Cantor’s Staub, Haeckel’s Leidenschaft (von links nach rechts) 140 x 38 x 37 cm | 151 x 70 x 63 cm | 177 x 64 x 64 cm | Karton, Tinte, Lack, Acrylglas,

The shown artworks deal with different positions of movement. The ink drawings of Birgit Knoechl are leaving the two dimensional sheet to occupy the space. Due to the changing energy of the paper the organic as well crystalline forms of her rampant hybrid archive are changing. Anna Maringer researches in her drawings and in the performance “In Contact” through the perception of the body and reflection the processes of consciousness, approaches, contexts and experiences. Natascha Renner researches in her drawings the plaited lines created by the wind, leaving the thematic interpretation up to the percipient.