Arnold Schmidt: Mondfleisch

Arnold Schmidt, an artist from Austria who lives in Vienna after working for years in Germany and the US. He does a variety of digital artwork including VR/AR work, fractals and short films. His educational background is in the social and natural science.

His work is an invitation to discover and reinvent oneself again and again – he wants to show that reality materializes, through the way we look at it. How it opens up to us through our values, dreams, hopes and views, that unobserved it remains just a wave in the sea of possibilities. The deconstruction of landscapes and the deconstruction of social interactions are meant to illustrate this pictorially. 

He wants to show how strongly the world views in our heads are shaped by language games of philosophy and natural sciences. And that the world remains indifferent to the pictures we paint of it. 

He sees himself as an interdisciplinary worker, a mediator between art and science.